Chevy 'Ride of Your Life
The 'Ride of Your Life' Trailer
1949 Pickup - Radio
1953 Corvette - driver's view
1953 Corvette - radio
1957 Bel Air - driver's view
1957 Bel Air - radio
2010 Camero Synergy - driver's view
Chevy 'Ride of Your Life

Our brief was to create ALL of the different video and photographic elements needed to build the Chevy 'Ride of Your Life' web experience - and all through one fully integrated production.

Commissioned by Goodby Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco, the 'Ride of Your Life' site web site built by rehabstudio incorporated Google Maps Street View, Google Places and Facebook Connect to enable you to take a personalized ride through your life driving one of six classic Chevys - such as the '53 Corvette, '57 Belair and 69 Stingray - whilst listening to one of six iconic music tracks on the 'radio'.

The visual content requirements for this ambitious project fell into three distinct areas of need; video, stills and Iybrid Moving Pictures. The video component came in two parts: Firstly shooting exterior and interior details of each of the six classic Chevys, as well as footage of each of the cars out on the road. Secondly, capturing bi-coastal B-Roll footage of roads, signs, landscapes and general road trip details - this specific content would be used by rehabstudio to link the footage of the cars and Google Street View together.

The photographic and Iybrid aspect of the production comprised of shooting precise 180 panoramic shots of the car interiors (to create a virtual drivers eye view) plus stills and Iybrid Moving Pictures of each of the six classic Chevys, as well as details shots of their radios, interiors, badges etc.
The production began with a three day combined video and photographic shoot in the leafy surroundings of Grosse Pointe, Detroit. TNC Productions EP Stuart Hart choreographed one single seamless production that comprised of a location car 'studio' for the 180 degree interiors; a video production shooting static details, atmospherics and driving footage from a camera car rig (with Medhi Zollo handling the DP and directorial duties) and finally Iybrid 'portaits' of each of the cars - which mainly involved photographer James Bareham lying in the street with camera poised whilst waiting patiently for the wind to gently waft through the trees. All of this frenzied visual content creation came under the enigmatic creative direction of Tim Rodgers and the creative team of Megan + Margie from GSP.

Once the shoot in Grosse Pointe, Detroit was wrapped up, a condensed creative production team embarked on an adventurous road trip to shoot video B-Roll. Their journey that took them from Detroit to the deserts of Las Vegas, and from there to the mountains, valleys and costs of Northern California.

By the time the shoot was complete, hundreds of hours of footage had been captured. The un-enviable task of editing, grading and After-Effects work fell entirely on the shoulders of the rehabstudio team back in London, but with one exception. Zollo was asked to edit a 30 second trailer to play on YouTube to promote the site, a task he embraced with gusto

Without doubt, the 'Ride of Your Life' is one of the most significant projects that we have ever undertaken. It brought together every facet of our visual creative expertise which we wrapped into one, integrated production. During pre-pro phase, it had quickly become apparent that our previous experience of working together with Tim and the rehabstudio team was going to be immensely valuable, both in terms of preparing us for the almost overwhelming amount of content that needed to be created, but also by giving us a deep understanding of the unique challenges of creating bespoke content for digital. In other words, 'Ride of Your Life' proved to everyone - ourselves included - that truly integrated video and photographic productions aren't only possible, they're the way of the future.

We can't wait to do another.
Client: Chevrolet
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Digital Agency: rehabstudio
Creative Director (digital) Tim Rodgers
DP: Mehdi Zollo
Photographer: James Bareham
Executive Producer: Stuart Hart
Lighting & Grip: Scheimpflug
Chevy 'Ride of Your Life

Chevy 'Ride of Your Life

A project to create enough visual content––both moving and still–– to fill an entire virtual 'ride of your life', and shooting just six iconic an Read more
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