T Shirt Concept
Approached by Eric Lathrop of @JSLouKY and @TwoScoopGames to design a logo for a new Tech Group in Louisville, KY called Food4Nerds. The group meets monthly at various restaurants Louisville to hang out. Check out their schedule on Louisville.io as well as other tech groups in the area and follow them on Twitter @Food4Nerds.
Process: Started out by sketching some concepts in my travel sketchbook. Presented the sketches to the Louisville.io Slack Channel. The hamburger concept gained the most votes so expanded this idea further going for a very clean and interesting design. Finally, came up with the sketch on the right which the group loved.
Process: Brought the sketch in to Adobe Illustrator and did some research on typefaces from Google Fonts. Created the shapes for the hamburger buns and then tried out a font called Oswald. Presented the first concept to the Slack channel and the group thought it was a little tall. They wanted the logo to fit better in a square. Thus, decided to go with a short, simple, fun, and readable font called Varela Round. The group liked this version a lot better but wanted the logo to stand out more. The group suggested to fill in the hamburger which turned out to be a great solution because the logo looks more delicious.