Part One
Class was divided on the basis of the type of film they are making which included 
                     Web Site,
                     New Media
JercJar productions is one of the groups working on an animation/real life hybrid movie.
"The foundation of a film is built upon an idea. An idea starts it all"
- Ritvick Mehra
1. Finalizing The Genre 
We came up with many different genres and had to decide on what genre every one is comfortable with. Genres we came up with were comedy, action, mystery, sci-fi and crime. After thorough discussion we decided that our film would be a comedy mystery.
2. Company Name
Company name was the most challenging thing we had to come up with so far.
Initial company name ideas included Jerc ( which was made up from the first letter of each person's name in the group ), Something Evil ( because Ritvick wanted the company name to be something evil ), Psychotic Beavers ( it just came up, no backstory ) and Cookie Jar. We decided to go with Cookie Jar but had to scrap the idea due to copyright issues. 
We finally finalized Jerc Jar as it was the mix of the name we loved the most.
Some company name ideas and genres we came up with
That is how Jerc Jar Productions' office looks like 
Part Two
As a group, we were assigned to research on the evolution of filmmaking which included technological advancements, different eras and key individuals. 
Edward was assigned to work on technological advancements, Ritvick was working on key individuals whereas Janelle and Caelyn were working on the different eras. 
After the research was done, Ritvick made a neat presentation out of it. 
Part Three
Edward showing the tips and tricks on the Cintiq.
Part Four
The next big hurdle was to decide what our movie would be about.

Ideas included
- Merged dreams
- An intense psychological thriller about a boy slowly detaching from reality and going insane
- Things disappearing from the real world and ending up in a different ( animated ) world   

Ritvick felt strong about the intense psychological theme and wanted to make a movie about it as psychological themes is his area of work but had to scrap the idea due to other team members having a different taste in movies and not feeling comfortable with Ritvick's idea.
Ideas we discussed for the movie 
16th of September, was marked as one of our first major milestones as we finally decided what story we are working on. Ritvick came up with the idea about a boy who cracked the biggest puzzle floating around the internet. Also, the main character has an imaginary friend ( who is animated ).

It satisfied all the needs of the team as
1. It is a psychological mystery ( Ritvick's zone )
2. It intigrates animation with real life and will be somewhat relatable (What Caelyn wanted) 
3. It isn't as intense as the one where the boy goes insane ( Janelle's need )
4. It has an animated charatcer who cracks jokes all the time ( Comedic animation is what Edward is good at )
Ritvick explaining the film idea.
Outline of the finalised idea for the movie 
Edward working on the company's logo
Director: Ritvick 
Animator(s): Edward & Janelle 
Casting: Caelyn
Music: Caelyn & Ritvick 
Editor(s): Ritvick & Caelyn
Assistant Director: Janelle 
Storyboard / Storyline: Ritvick & Edward 
Potential Title:  
Pre-production: September 15th  - October 15th 
Production: October 15th - November 1st
Post-Production: November 1st - December 15th
DIGITAL VOICES || Phase 1 : Discuss