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    magazine design, main topic sensitive issues, designs that require tact and empathy
novum 10.15 »sensitive subjects«
Some topics are difficult to handle and require tact and empathy. In our October issue we present some of these »sensitive issues«. The topics range from AIDS, cannabis, furs and refugees to epilepsy and suicide. But don't worry, even if the subjects are no laughing matter, the designs will raise your spirits. 
The cover translates the issue of sensitivity into print. A softtouch foil was used in combination with glossy varnish, an unusual technique realised by Swiss printers KMC. The paper we used was Tauro (300 gsm) by Sappi. The design was done by Optik Studios, www.optik-studios.de.
novum 10.15 comes out 12 September. Single issues can be bought at: www.stiebner.com