EFI Sales & Marketing Conference
Theme, Content, Logo and Visual Design and Execution.
Conference logo with messaging.
The 2012 WORLDWIDE SALES & MARKETING CONFERENCE at EFI's headquarters drew in more than 500 EFI employees to celebrate a record breaking 2011. The uncertain economy of 2010 called for the company to focus it's efforts, stand it's ground and stay the course. That strategy worked well, and in 2012, EFI is pushing to break their $600 Million goal which was achieved last year. 

The new theme: 2012–DRIVEN
From concept to execution, this theme rang through the conference with pride and excitement for all employees. The project included: Stage Banners for General Conference Awards Show, Conference Icon (above), PowerPoint Templates, Posters, Signage, Name Tags, Briefing Books as well as Two Videos Produced In-House. It was a great success for EFI.
Large stage backdrop and PPT design. As the attendees move through the confernece and read the driving signage (below), they end up in the main conference room with the ultimate message: Driven to Greatness.
Wayfinding signage: Large posters that populated the halls of the conference center, delivering unique messages that inspire greatness.
Conference swag. Notice the added touch of "I AM DRIVEN" on the name tag. This theme really fired up and motivated the sales team. Marketing materials and presentations themed around this concept throughout the whole of 2012.