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    Ozone Sports Laundry at University of Houston. Unimac Unilinc Washers and ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System.
I'm a touch bias on this one. I have earned three degrees from this fine institute of higher learning at two of their colleges; Cullen Engineering and Bauer School of Business.  I went to a lot of Football games over those years, but I never knew what a challenge it was to get those bright red jerseys and pants free from the clay, chalk, sweat, and grime that gets embedded in them during a game.  When Scott Equipment took on the project to build a new laundry room, the answer was clear. Utilizing the oxidizing strength of ArtiClean Ozone and the efficiency of Unimac Washers and Dryers they created the most effective sports laundry in Houston. 

3 Unimac UW60TV washers and an ArtiClean AW-250 get the reds redder and the whites whiter in cold water.These beautiful Cougar Jerseys just came out of the dryers and they pop! No wonder they won so many games this year! They blinded thier opponents!

 The ArtiClean AW250 Ozone Laundry System. This is not just an Ozone generator. It is a complete ozone water conditioning system complete with Self Diagnostic Smart Controls. Excessive Ozone Destruct catalytic conversion system, Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator and  Ozone pressure and expansion chamber for the highest concentration of Aqueous ozone in the business. And Scott Equipment, Inc. Custom installation, calibration and training.
The Heart of a great Ozone Laundry begins with the correct equipment. Here is an ArtiClean AW -250 Wall Mounted On Demand Ozone Laundry System. Takes up very little wall space and can supply Ozone for up to 300# washer capacity total. Virtually eliminating the need for hot water. They were having issues with getting clay and field chalk out of uniforms. Ozone helped solved the problem. And Ozone kills MRSA so the uniforms are sanitized each time they are laundered.

Here is a close up of the Ozone Delivery Plumbing. Expert installation by Scott Equipment, Inc. Xpress Service division. Hard plumbed for durability and longevity.

Washers in place. Ozone comes next
Pre Ozone Washer Installation.
 For more information call 1-800-321-7268      In Houston, 713-686-7268.