BaseKit 'About' story graphic
A series of graphics illustrating the history and origins of BaseKit
Let's face it, Website 'About' pages invariably contain a large proportion of company rhetoric, a few hastily placed images of staff members and a banner that swears you haven't come across a company as professional/exciting/blah blah blah as this one.....right? Unfortunately so. To say I didn't want to fall into this trap is an understatement, the brief i'd been handed was pretty fact if it were a tin of beans they'd have rotten away long ago, that is to say that I was given free reign to do something completely different to what was there before....ho ho! :-)

This is very different to anything I have done before or at least anything I've published on here.  The task was to design a new 'About' page for The former page contained roughly the same copy/wording but was very tired, simplistic and lacked the vital element to story-telling.....Keep the reader interested!!

My solution was to introduce some humour to very clean and factual graphics, the sort we have grown accustomed to absorbing, perhaps without our knowing it, to tell the story of BaseKit's origins. 

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