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    sleeploser 弱虫 / 2015 Tu Hao Chin solo exhibition
2015 09.05-10.04 Tu Hao Chin solo exhibition  in Yiri Arts Pier 2 Gallery  

Even he himself belongs to one of the placed objects.
This room exists as long as the cowardice exists. 
You may unconsciously enter it anytime but cannot freely leave.

He didn’t notice these areas that his body once stopped by.Traces already got recovered.Invisible parts went missing.

By hating but ingratiating moving forward with superiority and inferiority.

He kept producing damaged hefts and randomly placed them within the room.

Like the furniture covered in dust, these damaged hefts piled up little by little.
They were shaping and thickening themselves.

Tiny solids have been everywhere in this room while he suddenly got aware of it.

In this room he used to abandon. 
In this room coexisting with cowardice.

We hide far more behind |100×80cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Heavy Love |A & B|54×45cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
When those departs |A & B|50×50cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Hollow|65×53cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Everyone is alike|97×145 cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Even I can not stare at you |A & B|54×45cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Even it is so simple|65×53cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Why you are so shiny ?|80×65cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Can you play with me ?|50×55cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Silly boys|80×100cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Shush!|80×100cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Labeled|97×145cm |2015|Oil on Canvas
Herma |90.5×65cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
I do not need ___. |A & B|65x53cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Dig|A & B|65x53cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
You can act like me|50x50cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Last |50x50cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Play alone|65×53cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Retentate |20×20cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Retentate|20×20cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
Retentate |20×20cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
My ugliness |100×80cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
sleeploser |B 54×45cm|2015|Oil on Canvas
sleeploser |A  54×45cm|2015|Oil on Canvas