Paradise Cove - The Final Image
Good Morning All,
This is an image that was created in the studio. This image contains that of modern day architecture within the natural surroundings of the beauty that our earth holds. This image was a joy to create as it mirrors a dream that most people can relate to. We call it 'Paradise Cove'.
We hope that you enjoy the image as much as we have.
Crops of the main image
The Before and After Shot
The Process Of 'Paradise Cove'
Our moto is “Architectural stories through images”, which represents our way of interpreting a visual. Visuals are about the substance that are involved, the architecture and how it relates to the lives of those who live around it, only time will tell if our interpretations live up to reality.
These stories help the viewer interpret – apprehend and feel the spaces which are being created. This is generally created by a mix of lighting // entourage // and what we like to call feeling. In this particular view we found it important to interpret this space as an everyday family resort, where all types of cultures // social extracts would come together;
The foreground is populated by locals, couples and generally adult subtract which are enjoying the views and enjoying the shade/sun mix.
The mid ground as you would expect is populated by young people enjoying the sun, water and the activities, something anyone could expect.
The background is a mix of leisure and activities, young adults and of course someone taking a photo with a “selfie stick”. 
In order to make a great visual you must understand how the brain interprets information and what it expects to encounter, you must lead the eye through a series of loops, controlled by both technical and emotional qualities in any piece. A great technical piece will not necessarily make it a great artistic piece.
The Selfie Stick Photo