Banyan Box 
Solar powered home system for rural Cambodia
Light is an issue in Cambodia. While you know Cambodia as a country that has sun throughout the year, it is also a country that has very long and dark nights. While this is no problem for the urban Cambodians, the rural Cambodians have no direct connection to power so black is the colour of their nights. This means that after 6 pm it is pretty much impossible to get anything done.Normally a Cambodian will have a car battery at home. He will bring this to a generator powered charging station where it is charged in a very dangerous, wasteful and inefficient way.The new design will focus on developing a financial saving plan and creating a social awareness on solar energy, in order to convert rural Cambodians into independent energy producers by means of solar home systems.

The Banyan Box consists in an innovative energy supply solution for the rural areas of Cambodia where power grids are still not present. So, the Banyan box will introduce a completely new powering source by means of solar energy, without interfering directly in their quotidian powering traditions (old car batteries), and introducing an atmosphere of western comfort and flexibility by means of sockets in their house. Finally, the banyan box adds a saving plan in order to make rural Cambodians able to purchase the more expensive individual solar home sys
The Banyan box is based upon 3 main pillars: being the solar station, the customer´s product (the Banyan box) and the additional solar panel. These three components represent the shared charging point, the battery box together with the sockets and the end product for which we are aiming which is solar home system. It consists of three different components; the battery box, the sockets and a solar panel. The wall sockets and the battery box supply all the energy needed by the consumer together with a status feeling, which is an important aspect for the Cambodians. 

The system works as shown on the storyboard and movie below.