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    Banner campaign for the launch of the Woolworths Distraction lingerie range
Woolworths Distraction

These banners created at Gloo design agency for the launch of the Woolworths Distraction range of lingerie. The range is sexier and more provocative than the usual Woolworths underwear.

A pre and post launch banner campaign was run to build awareness of the range. The banners featured a sexy woman in lingerie with a black bar censoring her bra. Copy urged the viewer to roll over and sneak a peak of the new lingerie. The user's cursor revealed what lay beneath the censored area.

Users interacting with the pre launch banners were shown folded silk and copy telling them that all would be revealed on a specific date. Once the new range was in store, users interacting with the banner would be able to see the underwear along with a "Now in store message."

The banners clicked through to the Woolworths SA facebook page where more info was available.

My role in this project included concept, design and programming of the banners.

Click here to view the interactive pre and post launch banner adverts