Abarth Bodyboard
Abarth and Seadoo, two brands united to create strong emotions on water from a dSome type of sub-title
Size, speed and adrenalin. These words perfectly describe the
Abarth world.
These words fit Seedoo as well, world leader of water scooters
and speedboats of moderate dimensions.
My concept is a motorized body board, a mix between a
surfboard and a motorized scuba.
The driving position, laying on one’s stomach, give the opportunity
to fell speed and adrenalin more intensely.
Created for young people that want to feel as if they were flying
on water, at a moderate speed and safely.
It is created of three main materials, easily recognizable from
the color: the white parts are in Kevlar fiber , to have more
resistance, the red ones are in fiberglass, and the black ones
are in non-slip rubber.
The surface is perfectly modeled to host every type of person,
and thanks to the non-slip rubber you can enjoy maximum
comfort and safety!