Break the pattern to create a new one. Online class.
                I am happy to share with you my new collection of hand-drawn patterns and my online class.
In my class I am demonstrating magic of creating a pattern.
Those patterns I have created while filming my online class.  If you want to know the details of my creative process, now you able to check it out in my new online class: "Creating Magical Patterns with Simple Watercolors and Pencil Drawing ."
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Natalia Vodianova's features,
Pencil on paper.
In my class I also demonstrate how to complete a pencil drawing by coloring it in Photoshop.

Marble obsession. 

You probably know that marble is in fashion today, so I decided to create a marble texture. 
Everything is different and all is connected.
Also I am sharing my tips for the watercolor and simple pencil techniques. 

About the class:

If you are an illustrator, a painter, or a designer and would like to expand your ways of creating an outstanding image, my class will help you to do that.
Explore how to transform a detailed drawing or a simple watercolor painting into a magical pattern. Learn about my tips and secrets used in her creative process, in which the main tools are just a simple pencil or watercolors. This lesson will teach you not only a traditional approach, but a detailed instructions in a post production process. You will see how easy it is to approach a crispy colorful image from the artwork that was originally created with a basic materials.

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