The Gentlebear is no ordinary kind of bear. He does all sorts of fancy things normal bears don't care for.
For example, he enjoys smoking his pipe on cool autumn mornings.
He also likes playing his guitar in the afternoon.
In his free moments, The Gentlebear reads poetry and contemplates about the meaning of life in the forest.
When he needs a snack, he forages the forest "market". He knows how to pick the most delicious berries in the woods.  
But when he's really hungry, he takes out his fishing gear and brings home a few splashy ones. 
He also has a sweet tooth and a soft spot for his neighbor's honey.
They are not that close. 
The Gentlebear is a very romantic beast and he loves spending time with his lady bear. Their first date was at the Woodland Cafe, on the bank of Firefly Lake. They drank berry juice sweetened with honey. 
In his circles, golf is the most popular sport, and he is one of the best players in the forest. 
Being such an amiable creature, on every friday afternoon he entertains his friends with fun tricks. 
When he gets tired, he lies on a bed of nice and crisp autumn leaves, thinking about honey cakes. 
The Gentlebear