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Discover Card Employee Communication Branding

Since starting at Discover, in March of 2015, as a graphic designer in their internal agency known an INCITE, I have implemented existing brand guidelines into a number of campaigns. I concept, produce, and present a variety of deliverables for both print and web such as: billboards, print ads, fliers, web banners, emails, icons, various graphics, books, wireframes for motion graphics and sub-brand logos — all for both internal and external use. 
The culture at Discover fosters a workflow that has trained me to become a systematic designer, becoming more mindful of the amount of time I spend on a project, the manner in which I present to my clients and the quality of work I produce.
Various fliers produced using the internal brand guideline.
Health Survey Campaign
A flier, poster, handout, postcard and table tent produced to encourage employees to participate in health evaluations hosted at the company's headquarters.
Discover Welfare Benefits Plan Book
Designed the 2015 welfare benefits plan book for Discover Financial Services. The book contains a table of contents designed for readers who are looking for a particular section as opposed to scrubbing the whole book. Tables are designed to have non-invasive branding and the type was set to be legible and comfortable to read while preserving the number of pages to keep costs minimal. Below is a 20 page excerpt of tables and various type treatments from the 188 page book.
Recruiting Web Banners
One of a series of animated banners developed to encourage young new graduates/college seniors to visit the Discover careers site. My responsibilities where to design and story board the animation for 8 different copy and size itterations which was then passed on to the media production team to exicute the animation.
IRU Intercept
A page that card holders with conditions on their account receive upon loging in that direct them to an entirly seperate page that prompts them to chose payment options that will improve their payment habits.
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Discover Card Employee Communication Branding


Discover Card Employee Communication Branding

Since starting at Discover, in March of 2015, as a graphic designer in their internal agency known an INCITE, I have implemented existing brand g Read More