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    A series of product explorations that is only a small taste of my work at Wilson developing new ways of executing and concepting products.
Hex Stinger Soccer Ball
The Hex is a long series of special market products that were in desparate need of a refresh. Taking advantage of the current trend of throwback design I was inspired by the film Tron to have a bit of fun. This design still keeps it a Wilson product, while visually keeping it distinct from lower ends soccers balls by the likes of Nike or Puma that would be sitting next to it on the shelf.
NCAA Footballs
Often when designing for a team based ball you have to be thinking 25 steps ahead and how this design will look when altered for every respective team. A result of this excercise is landing on various patterns and shapes that will work across multiple brands.
Illuminator Football
The glow-in-the-dark football is a perennially popular product that hadn't been updated in some time. So I took the opportunity to research how an individual plays with a football and what that football looks like when sailing through the air. I took this as opportunity to lean into the glow and create an almost hidden fireball like effect that would only be revealed when the ball is being thrown in the dark.
AVP Hawaii Volleyball
A common hurdle when designing for volleyballs especially is to not overdesign. An overdesigned ball will begin to feel a little bit heavier, even if the only thing weighing it down is a little bit of ink. With this design I drew inspiration from the beaches of Hawaii, and those famous Hawaiian sunsets. By abstracting that concept out, we're left with a light airy feeling, perfect for a game of beach volleyball.
Freestyle Volleyball
Movement is often taken for granted by designers. We're so used to looking at a still image, you could almost forget what these products are being used for. So I created a pattern of swirling lines and halftones that will make the ball not only aesthetically unique, but visually compelling enough to keep your attention as its flying through the air.
Wilson Jet Pro
The  Jet basketball is one of Wilsons oldest and most recognizable basketball products. The logo had become a bit long in the tooth, so in an effort to update the brand and keep it relevant to modern trends we updated the standard Jet look. This is one of the first executions, but it will be eventually rolled out to a handful of other basketball products.