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    My team at Checkerboard and I gave Polyphenolics a facelift, cosisting of two different sites on one backend.
I made this with the rest of my team at Checkerboard. The client wanted to udate their site to be modern and responsive, but with a twist.  The twist was that they wanted to make two sites, a site aimed at professionals and manufacturers, and one aimed at consumers, but with only one backend. Typically a site like this would have been built using a Wordpress Multi-Site, but the client was insistent on having one single backend where they wouldn't need to navigate anywhere else to make edits and add content.
We were able to make this happen through clever use of classes, site heirarchy, and a bit of CSS magic.
Professional Home Page
This page features a full-screen video hero area that links to a Wistia video, and a clean design with lots of breating room for the content. On the footer, we made sure to include a CTA so that the user could always jump right into the sales funnel without exiting the page.
Consumer Home Page