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    Corporate identity of Neolab
Neolab is an IT company specializing in building and connecting business information systems, web applications and websites.
Because Neolab creates and connects new web environments, we designedtheir corporate identity to imitate an open, developing ecosystem.
The elements of the ecosystem have two common characteristics: 
1. Handling the fusion of various existing elements to create a new one(related to merging various technologies and business systems).
2. Every element is transforming in pixels from left to right, relating to their online operations.
Various motifs that form the logo together with the Neolab text. Motifswere selected based on their meaning, such as images of a pigeon and acheetah for the envelope (postal service + speed).
A black-and-white version of the motif on the cover of catalogue.
Stationary -  covers, letter, invoice and envelope, the business cards of the employees.
The motifs found on the business cards were created using the same method of blending three animals: 
- the employee as perceived by co-workers - the employee as perceived by himself
- an animal actually related to him (e.g. his or her Zodiac sign) 
Example of usage on a car - a motif comprised of a kangaroo and a pelican (both animals can “carry” content).
Logo - colour version
Logo - black-and-white version
Testing logos during the creation process 
Website - the home page displays an ecosystem representing the system of company operations for which Neolab renders services.
Clicking any element on the home page displays details related to thatelement. This is displayed on specially created infographics - arepresentation of the processes inside the company.
Infographics displaying the relationship between suppliers and the company.
Infographics displaying the segmentation of the company customers.
An illustration displaying the Neolab company location.