The Visual Identity of the Slovenian EU Presidency
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    The Visual Identity of the Slovenian EU Presidency
The Government Communication Office of the Republic of Slovenia issued a tender in 2005 for the submission of proposals for the corporate identity for the term of the Slovenian EU Presidency in 2008. Slovenia should be presented as an advanced and modern country. Elements of corporate identity should draw on its local characteristics.
The logo consisted of the main text, which is also the website address, stationary in three languages and a variable motif of one of the known Slovenian symbols (in this case, the mountain Triglav) used in design and linked to local tradition.
Examples of various logos, which are basically identical yet expressing Slovenian diversity by blending different motifs (see the colour version above and the black-and-white below).
Examples of logos - carnation and heart
Examples of logos - hayrack and proteus
Examples of logos - lacework and Triglav
Car and signage
Examples of publication covers
The motifs used come from a specially designed Native Soil font. It contains various motifs and elements from Slovenian natural and cultural heritage. Using the computer, anyone can create new patterns as they did in the old days with other techniques.
Using various key combinations creates different patterns that function as an additional element of recognisability.
We created four versions of the Native Soil font - as full pixel, various types of pixel pitch and various dimensions of cross-stitch font. It creates diversity in the corporate identity without straying from the main topic.
Glyphs - full pixel on the left, cross-stitch font on the right. The Mt. Triglav symbol of Slovenian national identity can be created using the following key combination: q w e (top left). Using different key combinations, one can create an image of a mountain range. The same holds for the hayrack.

Cross-stitch font - detail. Besides the formal motifs from Slovenian natural and cultural heritage, there are also more amusing motifs in the font.
Drafts from the process of creating the font.