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    Heartybites - snack smart, snack right.
snack smart, snack right
Peopletoday are getting more and more concern about health and willing to pay more toget a healthier lifestyle, especially those white collars. Working peopleusually wake up early and have limited time to have a nutritious breakfast. Heartybites is the ideal quick bites forthem.

Heartybites is a healthy snacksstation that providing organic veggies and fruits quick bites to be customizedtransfer into nutrition bar and drink powder. They are allfreeze-dried, no fried; they are all uniquely dried to preserve all essentialsof fruits and vegetables. They contain no preservatives, addedsugar and artificial flavor; they are nutritious with vitamins, fibers andantioxidant. 
Audiences can picktheir dried fruits or vegetables and nuts themselves from Heartybites; theycan either purchase it directly or transform them into Heartybar (nutritionbars) or Heartypowder (power boost drink powder) with the help of the machineof Heartybites. It takes 2 to 5 mins to process for the nutrition bar andpower boost drink powder.