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Moira Dolina Whiskey-------------------------------------
Moira Dolina was created on a very simple premise: that a sustainable, organic product is the finest product. Sustainability and exceptional quality are seen as traitsthat go hand in hand, and striving for both at once is the future of high-end whiskeys.

The bottle is light and 100% recyclable. The label and outerpackaging are earth friendly through the use of moulded paper pulp that iscompostable. Moira Dolina is sealed with a recyclable synthetic cork closure toensure sustainability and an airtight closure.

Moira Dolina is a smooth, premium blend of the finesthighland and lowland whiskies. The product is aimed at women, displayed throughthe slender bottle. The name ‘Moira Dolina’ is linguistically soft but strong due to it’s meaning: ‘Great World’.The name is composed of powerful Scottish female names.

The pattern is light and feminine, using a curved white diamond shape upon the label and outer packaging. The repetition addsstrong memorable brand recognition, alongside the brand logo that is created using two half-circle moons creating a circular formation,this relates to the name of the brand ‘Great World’.
Back and Front of bottle
Bottle Top (Etched detailing) 
Outer Packaging, front and back (Embossed and printed detailing)
Outer packaging lid removed and top of packaging
All outcomes
Whiskey Packaging D&AD