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    Question: How do you script, shoot, compose music, and edit an award winning short film for a tiny budget? Take a hammer, a saw, an old Go-Kart, … Read More
    Question: How do you script, shoot, compose music, and edit an award winning short film for a tiny budget? Take a hammer, a saw, an old Go-Kart, integrated production support and hit the streets of Williamsburg. Read Less
Ford Fiesta Movement Cast & Car
Out into Williamsburg - 01
Out into Williamsburg - 02
Juliana Zarzycki
Fiesta Side View
Fiesta, Bushwick, Brooklyn | 01
Fiesta, Bushwick, Brooklyn | 02
Ford Fiesta Front Detail

Fiesta Steering Wheel
Ford Fiesta Rear Detail
Williamsburg Shoreline
Wooden Fiesta Hipstermobile | Front Detail
Wooden Fiesta Hipstermobile | Go-Kart Wheels
Wooden Fiesta Hipstermobile | 'Sat-Nav'
Wooden Fiesta Hipstermobile | 'Fast Start'
The Car's the Star
Fiesta Double Take

The challenge was issued through filmaka.com: Write an essay illustrating ten things that speak to the sensibilities of your city and submit a demo reel. The prize was a $5,000 budget to produce a short film showcasing the newly re-designed Ford Fiesta. Fatking Films director Mehdi Zollo and writer/producer Micah Ross were selected to represent Brooklyn (New York also had a Manhattan team). Their winning treatment painted New York City as a diverse cultural epicenter, powered by a palpable kinetic energy that creates possibilities like nowhere else in the world.

Paired with Chiat Day creatives Monica Lo and Caitlin-Marie Miner, Zollo & Micah treatment drew inspiration from such multifarious sources as SNL shorts, Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep, Toyota viral videos, Brooklyn itself. They conjured a love story centering on a couple of star-cross'd hipsters and a homemade lime green Ford Fiesta (built of wood on a go kart chassis and "fully loaded" with a globe GPS and a compass).

With the car as the clear-cut star (and as such absorbing most of the budget), the team rounded up a couple of friends, Jonathon Roberts and Juliana Zarzycki, to portray the unlikely pair brought together through the magic of the Fiesta. It is conceivable, however, that the autotune-soaked battle rap - directed toward a group of comically un-intimidating skaters - may have scored our hero some points with the lady as well. The soundtrack of this veritable tail feather display was perpetrated by North Carolina resident and former Bad Boy Records collaborator, King James II.

Described by the director as "mostly handheld for speed and practicality since we had no DP and no money," the visual style was created out of necessity, but they made the constraints forced upon them work to their advantage. Utilizing the quality and versatility of the Canon 7D, they ran and gunned their way to a hilarious, but ultimately heartfelt piece that sees our hero (SPOILER ALERT!) lose his beloved Fiesta, only to have it replaced by with the real thing, courtesy of his patient and generous love interest.

New Cruelty creative partner, James Bareham drew upon his experience shooting for Top Gear and Aston Martin to direct the specific beauty shots of the car that feature in the final scenes of the movie - as well as shooting all the stills. TNC also provided production support, behind-the-scenes photography, and post-production facilities. Sound design and additional music on the project was courtesy of Cornell Brown of Reset pictures.

The final film 'Double Take' won the entire Fiesta Movement competition for 2010 - testament to the great writing and directing that used the small budget to best advantage.
Agency: Chiat Day
Director: Mehdi Zollo
Producer: Micah Ross
Photographer: James Bareham
Editor: Micah Ross
Music: Cornell Brown