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    Responsive prototype design for Sony Pictures TV international sites.
The challenge: Design and prototype a new interface for Sony Pictures Entertainment TV to use on ALL of their international websites, across 5 continents. Must be responsive, accomodate dozens of languages with different characters (think Russian and Korean), and support the completely different visual design themes of all the separate networks. Whew! Challenge accepted!
Role: Lead UX / UI designer, front-end developer. 
Deliverables: Collaborated with a team to create working font-end prototypes with Jekyll & Sass. Lots of skectching and designing in the browser. Visual design & style guide production (under VERY tight brand guidelines). 

See the live version of AXN Asia 
For 6 months, I worked with a team of front-end developers and designers to help lead this project to success. Please note that the priority of this project was to create one standard UI for all the networks. While I did produce several visual design deliverables, all visual design for this project was held to very strict existing brand standards.  
An example of the final themed AXN site on mobile. 
For the majority of the project, I created HTML prototype wireframes - purposely with no style. The goal was to create a single UI that could be easily themed with any of the dozen or more unique design themes from the networks. 
Here's a peek at how crazy technical these prototypes became! Luckily, I worked with some great developers on this project.
This is the visual design style guide I created for the AXN network, which served as the benchmark for the rest of the visual style guides. I did my best to modernize the somewhat dated look of the previous site while still keeping all the required brand elements (background image, colors, etc.).