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    watercolor on paper, A4
The Crush
or "Dont fall in love with a hipster, he might turn out to be gay"
A spur of the moment watercolor painting done in 6 hours, the fastest I've done so far. I took some watercolor paper that I was gonna throw away because the initial sketch had some pencil marks that couldn't be erased anymore for some reason; turned it over and used the unmarked side.
The failed sketch. the metal tip of the pencil eraser left a smudge that couldnt be erased.
I used Campap paper, a brand of watercolor paper which is made in Malaysia. Good value for price, as I think the paper is really resistant to warping and absorbs color beautifully. The only downside in my opinion is that it is almost impossible to get mistakes out of this paper, once a blot is there, its there forever. If you happen to live in the UAE, you can get this brand of paper at any Dubai Library District Bookshop.