Southern Poverty Law Center - Responsive Redesign
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    Responsive redesign of Southern Poverty Law Center's primary website.
It was truly an honor to work with the amazing folks at SPLC and ThinkShout on this project. As lead UX & Visual designer, I was responsible for creating all aspects of the UI of this site. I worked with a talented content strategist to determine content placement & hierarchy, user flows and personas. From there, I created interactive prototype wireframes and finally developed all the visual design assets with the help of SPLC's internal graphic design team. 

Role: Lead UX & visual designer
Deliverables: Interactive wireframes using Sketch & Invision, high fidelity visual design mockups & style guide, additional UX documents and practices.  
As always, I start with wireframing. Since this was such a large and complex site, I elected to forgo my typical HTML / Sass wireframes, and use Sketch and Invision to create interactive prototypes for mobile and desktop (mobile first, of course!). I did, however create an early HTML prototype of th Hatemap feature, shown below. 
On to visual design, where I worked closely with SPLC's amazing internal design team. I started by creating design explorations based very closely on the brand heritage that SPLC has spent over 40 years establishing. I really, REALLY love Hoefler fonts, which are a big part of their branding.  
Once the overall art & design direction had been approved, I got to work creating high fidelity visual design mockups, and transforming them into prototypes with Invision. Throughout the course of the project, I worked closely with front-end and back-end developers to make sure that I designed with their needs in mind, as well as the needs of the client and users. 
Since the SPLC is a journalistic organization at heart, my primary goal with this site was to create a beautiful and accessible reading experience.