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    The identity for a new restaurant featuring a fusion of Levantine and Chinese cuisine.
 Nomad | Chinese and Levantine cuisine 

We were assign to design the branding of a restaurant base on the fusion of two cultures, the Levantine and Chinese cousine. After a series of explorations and research we found that both cultures share a nomadic past. We choose to marry both cultures by creating a "mobile restaurant"  that will stay faithful to the ways of nomadic life style.

The Identity 
The logo is a symbolic representation of the marriage between the two cultures.

Business Cards 
Packaging Design
 Nomadic tribes rely heavily on nature for raw materials, for this reason we chose to construct our packaging out of leaves, an easily attainable material for them. Leaves can be found in almost any environment and are quickly disposed of.
The website nomad.com, is meant to inform guests and enthusiasts about the restaurant and its current location.
The menu is constructed out of a papermaterial, meant to mimic the qualitiesof leather. It is a hard cover with a papermenu inside. The paper can easily beremoved and switched.
Complete Nomad Branding