29th Biennial of Graphic Arts | The Event
A project at Academy of Fine Art and Design, Ljubljana 
Mentor: Ranko Novak 
Team: Petra Bukovinski and Anja Mejač
Design contest proposal, 1st place, unrealized. 

Biennial of Graphic Arts takes place in Ljubljana and is organized by International Centre of Graphic Arts. It used to represent the best in the field but this year they changed their concept. Biennial of Graphic Arts became biennial of art events. That's why it is subtitled The Event (slo: Dogodek).

Event is unique, cannot be repeated, it takes place in certain space and time. It can be reproduced but each one is unique. That's the reason why we used photography. It's the only media that captures and maintains a moment in space and time, the only media that captures event.
The change of concept is shown by tuning the photos on its head, just like the biennial turned itself.

To visualize the change we used terms like provocation, scream, pain, dynamic, movement, energy, contrast, strange, disturbing, unclear, ambiguity and noticeable.