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    Mobile Interface Concept with animations and a prototype made with Pixate.
UI Concept for a networking
(schmoozing) mobile app
This was created for a presentation about various mobile interface 
prototyping tools and to demonstrate the difference
between medium and high fidelity prototypes.
Animations were created in Pixate.
The Problem & Scenario:
You're a ________ professional standing in the middle of a conference.
You know no one.
You can of course step up to anybody and start a small talk, trying to learn more about people,
but there's a good chance you're wasting your time with people you didn't actually want to spend time with.
It's beneficial to know someone's name, occupation,
and even her/his LinkedIn profile before you even start a conversation.
The second problem is self esteem.
Most of us designers don't even have the courage to
walk up to somebody and start a conversation.
Let Schmoozer be your mediator and see if someone
is available
for networking or not by checking their Schmooze Status™ first.
Schmooze your way through all networking events,
make meaningful connections!
Check out the animated prototype shown above on your phone,
by scanning the QR code in this presentation: