CD Packaging for Gorillaz
Gorillaz is one of my favorite bands, that's why I decided to create this package. Talking about their music and concept, I consider Gorillaz has dared to propose something different. The most interesting thing about Gorillaz is that all of the their songs are result of collaborations with different artist but the very essential of the band always remains, which is the idea of doing things different, the idea of creating music in a different way.

The package is made mostly of cardboard and some other part is made of acetate. Paper used to construct this prototype is "kromakote" paper, which allows an excellent print with a cool glossy finish.

It is important to mention this cd case was designed with the purpose of being used a selling display.  The main objective was to create a packaging able to promote itself just by the way it is displayed. It means that if you see this package at store you will want to put it in your own desk or in your shlef becasue it looks amazing and not only for the music that CD contains.

I have titled "Zombie" to this project to express we as humans are devouring each other. I have found many songs talk about the way we have choose to live and how it is affecting us.

i hope you enjoy! You can find the playlist in this link:!/playlist/Gorillaz+Zombie/66431954
Gorillaz Font by Kasper Van de Laar. You can listen the playlist by clicking the link posted above this picture
"Ego is a dangerous thing to feed"
The booklet is placed at the front of the package while cd is placed at the back part. It works as an accordion.