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    Optical illusions in fashion are a brilliant way to attract the attention of public and customers...
I believe optical illusions work very well in fashion industry. They actually have the power to attract the gaze and to put the public in a visual trance!
In the example below, some regular patterns tend to lose their evenness when assembled in regular sets. The diamond-like shapes in the picture have right-angled corners. They also produce a fish-eye lens effect that gives the impression of movement.
This decorative self-moving vibrating pattern of my creation represents the energy and the self-control that lovers of outdoor sports express. So, the visual impact of this pattern wiill add a touch of dynamism and spark to sneakers and sport shoes.
Here is another intriguing self-moving pattern of my creation...
That can be used to decorate T-shirts. Still, the overall effect of the visual impact is "Wow!"... You can get these all over print shirts from my online Store
You can also play with subliminal images. As shown below, the face of a Diva is embedded in the lines that decorate the t-shirts. You can get this all over print t-shirt from my online Store.
Many other autokinetic works are featured on my website.

If my optical illusions are of your interest, please, feel free to contact me.