Scream Quietly is a Student Shortfilm, written and directed by: Nicita Botha
After the usual cycle home alone, Malcolm is confronted by his neighbor Storm who is sitting outside their apartments. He approaches but quickly learns she is all bruised up, embarrassed and scared, she grabs her things and runs into her house. Malcolm slowly follows and a goes over to investigate the situation. He is quickly chased away and when the signs of abuse become to evident to ignore, he is faces with two decisions which will ultimately lead into two possible outcomes. But down which path will Malcolm walk and how does this road into the future effect Storm, his neighbor?
Domestic Violence is the unfortunate reality for millions worldwide. Abuse in general has become so socially norm that one can so easily turn a blind eye to these terrors without even realizing. In today's world anxiety and insecurity is such a common occurrence between the masses and so when faced with such a given situation, please remember to not be afraid and act. Survival comes to those who progress and help comes to those who truly seek it.
Be heard - Be Seen - Know Your Rights - Be Free
Thank you for watching and hope that you enjoyed this project - Stay tuned for more to come!!