Goccia Packaging
International Desserts - 2nd year college
I created a premium packaging for an international desserts range. The European dessert company is called Goccia which means drop in Italian. It features desserts from Portugal, Germany and Italy.
I created the brand from scratch. I got into researching baroque style and ended up coming up with this illustrated solution which I believe is very appealing visually.
For the packaging itself, I used an old technique/form of foil blocking.
The final solution features a box for: Camel's Dribble (Portugal), Tiramisu (Italy) and Strawbery Bavarois (Germany). A gift box with samples of the three flavours and two bags - black and white versions.
Initial sketches for the logo and as well the illustrations to be used
Final Goccia's logo
Hand draw illustration inspired on baroque. Pen drawing.
3D visual - study of the brand
White Bag and gift box - European FlavoursGold OmniCrom
White box range - Tiramisu and Gift Box
Black Boxes set - Bag, Bavarois and Camel's Dribble