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    My Vector tribute to Masamune Shirow's 1995 Anime blockbuster - GHOST in the SHELL. Limited signed prints available at mexifunk.com
I've always been a big fan of Masamune Shirow's art and story telling since 1990, when I was first introduced to his incredible characters and industrial design while attending college at Pratt Institute Brooklyn. I fell in love with all his many stories - Dominion, Tank Police, Mario Black Magic M-66, Appleseed, and especially his global 1995 hit phenomenon -

Shirow has been a GREAT INFLUENCE to my art and I personally place him up on my alter, along side of some of the great past masters I pay so much respect to.

Here's a collection of vectors ( which I created last year for the 25 Anniversary- but couldn't show you til now)  -  focusing on the super confident, incredibly attractive,  gun totting Motoko Kusanagi.
My objective for this series was to deliver two sets - one with Digi-Techno attributes and the other - a stylized take on POP Noir.
Created with Imac + Adobe Illustrator + Wacom Intuos
Cheers & enjoy~
above: Ghost in the Shell- ALPHA / OMEGA
18x24 Limited Signed Print
on Brushed Metallic Foil
Edition size: 15
Ordering info here
Above: GHOST in the SHELL
24" x 36" Limited Signed Print
On Archival Somerset Velvet 256 gsm, Thickness 19 mil
Edition size: 25
Ordering info here
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