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    Thesis about death from ancient days till today.
Won't you come to my funeral
The time will come,when all I ever seen will be forgotten.
This project was created for my thesis of the two-year specialization in net art and digital culture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara.

The central theme of the thesis was death.

In the written part of the thesis the concept of death has been studied from a sociological to a  historiograph point of wiew, from ancient times till today. The goal was to create a research on how this issue has affected the man up to the present day and to show how new technologies and the advent of new media and the Internet has radically changed the conception we have of the reaper.

For the day of exposure of the thesis I have recreated in the main hall of the academy a mortuary in the style of the Americans' funeral house, building a coffin and providing graphics and supports for the room.

The shape of the coffin is a usb stick to remember the bond I had with the academy and the world of multimedia and also the fact that USB sticks are hard drives that store memories and writings and can be viewed as objects that serve not only to preserve the memories of the person but the person himself and everything he has done throughout life.

The funeral was celebrated in the academy in honor of the end of life as a student to become something new and totally different.

At the end of the thesis have been carried out of the academy within the coffin to celebrate in a symbolic way the end of this part of my life.
70 Cm X 100 Cm Posters.
The last is a Poster to thanks all the people that were involved in the project.

06 Cm X 15 Cm. Back to Front Memorial Card.A card for people that took part at the event. A gift to remembar the Day.

21 Cm X 21 Cm. Cover Front and Back for the Thesis.

Some of the pages of the Thesis.

Some pictures of the work in progress for the coffin. The coffin has also a movable USB head.

 Subdivision scheme of the main hall of the academy. The coffin is 2.30 meters long. The large rectangle represents the area in which people were prepared for presentation / funeral. The small rectangle is the area where the discussion was held between the candidate and the thesis examination committee.

Video made for the occasion with an online program used by the funeral house to pay tribute to friends of the deceased.

Chronicle of the day. Made by Rocco Bonci.