The Rusted Pixel 
Twenty Fifteen Rebrand
For some time now I've needed to rework my personal logo for The Rusted Pixel. What I have been using is a design that no longer reflects the work I make and what I want to make in the future. The redesign had to be clear, bold and professional yet warm and friendly. It had to not follow any design trends too. Most importantly, it had to be versitile. 
I chose a much warmer colour palette. I wanted a feel of sun soiled vehicles. Picture a retro camper van that has made too many road trips and its glossy sheen has started to fade and soften. The main colours reflect rust and age. It had to retain a square struture to echo the idea of pixels. The font choice had to be something that worked with the blocky form of the logo. Finally, squares make for a very modular make up meaning it is easy to place and easy to animate. I also decided to always keep the brand offset to the right of the artwork. Colour variations of the logo hep to blend with the artwork.