961 Brewing Craft In Lebanon
The main objective of this campaign is to invite the audience to experience 961 by spreading craft beer culture, and to properly define the niche that 961 caters to.
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Refreshing as it may be, 961 is not a beer you drink just to quench your thirst, it's a beer you drink because you fancy it. In other words drinking 961 should be a reflection not a reflex.
Know Your Beer
These press ads aim to inlighten the audience on what beer is made of with a twist. Understanding the role and the process involving each ingredient will help the consumer better appreciate quality beer.
These are not baby artichokes, they are hop flowers, also reffered to as Rumulus Lupulus by know it alls who like to use big words. The hop flower is the age old seasoning of the beer. Warding off unwanted bacteria and bringing balance to the sweetness of the malts. It is as well responsible for the crisp clean finish of the beer, its bitterness and its rich floral and fruity aromas. Hops is a vining plant that once thrived in Lebanon and no longer does mainly because of the wine loving french and the Romans.
So if you are getting someone flowers concider getting them a 961 instead, technicaly it has flowers in it and tastes better.
While not a member of the group Earth, Wind & Fire, water is of major importance in the group Malt Hops & Water. Beer is mostly made of water. And if on its own water is tasteless and pretty much the same, the slightest difference in its composition would affect the outcome of the same beer recipe. As a matter of fact, brewers used to develop their recipes around their local type of water.
So next time you’re drinking water, consider that the water in your glass might have wanted to be a 961.
Contrairy to popular belief, Man did not start cultivating wheat and barley to make bread. In fact 12000 years ago - give and take a thousand years - in an area known today as modern Lebanon, a nomatdic tribe of gatherers decided to settle and cultivate barley because of a shortage of beer, thus civilization was born. There you have it, beer was a major trigger to the begining of civilization. Today nothing much has changed, barley is still the backbone ingrdient of beer. Malted barley determins the beers colours and it contributes to its flavor from earthy subtle bread notes to pronounced coffee, chocolate or caramel notes.
So the next time you eat bread , remember  that it exists today because a tribe 12000 years ago needed more beer. 
Craft Beer 101
These press ads explain the concept behind the microbrew-osophy that 961 follows , how it works, what makes it tick.
A good recipe makes a good beer. here at 961 we develop good recipes but this does not cut it for us. Speaking of cuts, we do not take shortcuts. This means we inconvininetly use 4 kinds of hops from 3 different continents, we use a tonne of malts where others use half. We use a machine that produces 24000 bottles/hour to make 8000.  And to come up with a good beer we go through a few bad ones, and then we went through the good ones to get to the great.
What makes a beer great ? We do.
In a small kitchen back in 2005 we started making beer that we would love to drink. 10 years, a brewpub and a microbrewery later, nothing much has changed. At 961 we are not interested in selling beer, we make beer because we love to, some people happen to love our beer too, and they buy it.
We do not sell beer at 961, we just make it and it sells itself 
Well it might as well be 1 out of 5 people, but dentists are a popular demographic when it comes to advertising. The reason however behind such numbers is because we do not settle for good, we do not compromise on flavour and we aim for great. We understand that strong flavour evoques strong emotions and we'd rather have one person loving our beer than 5 tolerating it. And for what it's worth, there is 1 bottle of 961 for each 8 people in Lebanon so statistically speaking we are in the clear.
The consumer is invited to leave his comfort zone and discover hidden aromas in the wide beer range of 961.
The consumer is asked to challenge his taste buds because the strong pronounced flavours offered by 961 are an aquiered taste and might confuse a person used to drinking yellow fizzy beer.
This dark brown beer has it all. Strong smoked hoppy stings mingle with robuste dominant malty notes of chocolate and earthy toast. All the way through, from the first sip to the mildly bitter finish the beer exhibits smoothness that keeps you asking for more, making this Porter dangerously drinkable.
Inspired by the Lebanese spice markets this pale ale holds hints of sage, thyme, anise and chamomile, creating a sweet aroma that strikingly differs with the way this beer finishes: dry and clean on the palate. In between that first whiff and the final swallow, the beer is awash with strong herbal notes, backed by a malt structure that helps keep the herbal onslaught in check. This pale ale is not for everyone, but will appeal to those who enjoy unique and herbal beers.
Pourring as a hazy golden straw this beer brings along with it a dominant wheat funk and soft citrus punch. It reveals a soft spice hit with robuste  aromatic notes of coriander and  orange peel, making it the perfect beer for someone looking for a summer beer full of flavor without an insane hop intensity.
961 speaks to the consumer where the compition goes silent, giving him tips on beer and food pairings in the food aisl of the supermarket instead of the beer aisle.
World Cup
A losing team will disappoint its fans during the world cup, so do not make that disappointment double, grabe a 961 its taste won’t disappoint.
961 Brewing Craft In Lebanon

961 Brewing Craft In Lebanon

Final project of my master' - 2015 (part 2)
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