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    This was a short animation created with 3D animation to show the capabilites of a submaire deployment system.
JFD provides products and services for submarine escape, rescue and surface abandonment alongside a range of special operations swimmer delivery systems.
James Fisher Defence were putting together a bid in order to win new projects. Parts of the bid were technical in nature and difficult to communicate convincingly using words or still images alone so we created a 3D rendered animation to help win the bid. I was part of the 3 person team that built and animated the above animation.
The biggest challenge in this project was the water, it had to be prominent in a great deal of the finished product and had to look totally convincing in order to do justice to the rest of the presentation.
We invited the client in order to collaborate on the storyboard for the animation. This was key in ensuring the key messages would be conveyed in the final animation. 

A large part of our creative process is ensuring the realism of our animations. The ocean, therefore, had to interact accurately with the vessel as it moved through the water. We undertook a lot of research on how best to tackle this challenge and ultimately, through a series of trials, we managed to simulate the ocean (including foam and spray) the ship’s wake. 
Following this, we undertook a round of Q&A, making minor edits. 
The client was very happy with the end result, which it described to us in its feedback as, “An exciting and compelling sales animation.” This allowed them to create a greater impression when attempting to win the bid.