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    Concepts for CRM tool
Mary Kay CRM
 Concepts for CRM tool for the Independant Beauty Consultants
Mary Kay is a global cosmetics company who sells their products directly to customers via their IBCs (Independent Beauty Consultants). Once an IBC is recruited, they are given access to the intranet with materials, information, applications about the products and advice on how to market them. This CRM design is built within this Intranet environment. 

I paired with another Interaction Designer who one would focus on a long and the other on the short sight, interchanging as we went. We began from a revised site map to the flows the tasks, to sketches of the interactions to the designs of each page or elements.

The designs in the end were to aid Mary Kay envision how their CRM could look and work. Since our role was very separate from the technical development, in the end we developed a front end pattern library, which has helped them easily integrate more closely to our suggested designs.