Character Design

Bert D. Pervert
This is an adult Cartoon Character that I designed using Adobe Illustrator. My inspiration for the project comes from Comedian Paul Kaye and the brutal yet hilarious characters that he portrays. I modelled Bert's physical appearance on an old fashioned Teddy Bear that I have had since I was a young child.

To view some of Paul Kayes work please follow this link:  (adult content)
Bert's Police Profile

Bert D. Pervert was last spotted leaving Misty's Strip Club, alone, on Saturday 10th July 2011. He was wearing a Leopard print thong and a large gold medallion. Mr Pervert is wanted by the F.B.I and INTERPOL for his criminal involvement with notorious Mob boss Fat Tony and his associates.This subject is phychologically unstable and should be approached with extreme caution. A substantial reward is being offered for information on Mr. Perverts current location. Posible hideouts include; Justin Beibers house, any Adult store or Stripclub within a 20km radius of Brooklyn New York and outside your bathroom window...
Bert's Natural habitat....
Bert D. Pervert FULL BODY SHOT.
Careful....He's watching!