The latest news and trends for short hair this year
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    Short hair types to choose to follow the current fashion are the bob, pixie cuts and generally to those bobbing or boyish and cuts punk rock styl… Read More
    Short hair types to choose to follow the current fashion are the bob, pixie cuts and generally to those bobbing or boyish and cuts punk rock style side cut or undercut softer and less visible. These three types of hairstyles you can create beautiful hairstyles and fresh for summer. Read Less
The short haircuts are the prerogative of the summer 2015, although the season coming from a lot of credit to medium lengths footage from the 70s and renovated according to the dictates of current fashion. The stars of the summer are the short cuts and wavy, that mix some styles of the past, in particular the '80s and the' 70s creating the look hippie and rock simultaneously. Together with short cuts, have significant role hairstyles, to realize thanks to the accessories to customizing and fringe tuft. Echoing the trends of summer, discovered during these months, let us see what are the must-see short cuts and hairstyles to match every hair type.
Medium and short hairstyles different
Regarding cuts short hair types to choose to follow the current fashion are the helmets or bob, pixie cuts and generally to those bobbing or boyish and cuts punk rock style side cut or undercut softer and less visible. These three types of hairstyles you can create beautiful hairstyles and fresh for summer. With the helmet, for example, customizing hairstyle is huge: a hairstyle that is wavy, which leave many strands moves on all sides, is disheveled bangs to the side and the tips casual. To get this hairstyle just drying your hair in the sun or use of specific products to be applied in the evening before going to sleep.
If this type of hairstyle and practical holiday prefer something more elegant and refined, there are helmets retro line with all of the side and soft waves framing the face. Another variation is that of bob fluffy playing with the top of the head, in this case the fringe or tuft must be full-bodied and very fluffy. Hair accessories enhance the pixie cuts, however, the hairstyles: clips glitter, headbands, scarves folk or ethnic, until real turbans that give color and personality to the hair. On short hair, like a boyish or a pixie cut it is more difficult to differentiate the cut, for this is the tip accessories; or the way you comb the bangs. In summary, for the summer 2015 the basic concepts to be followed for a short cut nice and chic are freedom of expression and movement.
The cuts short hair fall winter 2015 abandon the concept of femininity that characterized them all last season and are inclined towards new, more explicit and neo punk. Key examples we saw them in the fashion runways, great announcers of the most interesting trends related to the beauty industry. The volumes will be, almost reduced to zero and the hairstyles will aim to increasingly stringent and minimal styles, without sacrificing the vintage touch. Short cuts that lead women?
Pixie cut and boyish mood, here are the major trends autumn
The trends for short haircuts of autumn will turn around two styles in particular. On the one hand, the boyish look, strict and practical, on the other pixie-inspired punk style, embellished with tufts rebels or hairstyles effect wet mood androgynous. The walkways have not given too much weight to short hair, giving more space to the hair long, as we have already seen will be the true stars of the season. Among the firsts sprouting pixie with bangs very short and almost invisible, hiding the face, cuts, or those with particularly large tuft great running from mid-face. There will be more classical allusions, like pixie bob parted to the side and cut mullet combed shorter with more rounded top. As will be, instead, the hairstyles? Obviously, less complicated and more orderly, as the autumn fashion demands.
Fashion short hair autumn 2015, straight or wavy? Examples from the catwalk changes in view, also, styling short hair cuts of winter 2016. Just see the models who proposed the ultra smooth hairstyles and fashion shows at the tips, with longer locks front and fringes to "elf" less showy. Directly from the show comes the short cut 90s, slightly hazy on the nape with short tuft moved sideways, while Chanel preferred a hair lacquer effect ultra sleek retro allure, to try the variant with longer tufts front and combed in order to join the front.
Here we are today with a brand new article about short hairstyles for over 40 year old women for the autumn: What will be the fashion and what is not? We summarize the latest trends in style for the new season just around the corner. As you know there are less than two weeks the official arrival of the autumn season that's why, for us not to find ever unprepared, thanks to this new article online, we will give you - as always - of useful information for your hairstyles: favorite cuts and cool trendy? Well, you have just arrived in the right place. Apparently, not so true that hair average for next season will not be taken into account but rather, during the autumn will be taken seriously in the analysis. What your trusted hairdresser will review with you will be a cut perfect with your needs and then, all kinds of hairstyles will be exactly personal and different from another.
The style of the autumn - winter speaks of many things: by scaling the cuts ending with asymmetrical fringes. The cuts mean may veer towards hairstyles that are called middle cut, worn with bangs or with a dollop of asymmetrical side. Cuts comfortable to wear that is unconnected with a handy tail. Cuts short hair though, continue to reign sovereign, which is why we recommend the pixie haircuts, at least at the time did not go to fashion but in fact, represent a real mood.
Among other cuts short, we advise the bob, short and very short in 20s style with small fringes or surrounded by a cap, eagerly returned to fashion in the last few days. As for the cuts of hair long, the autumn - winter 2015 - 16 speaks of extreme lengths, not long but long arriving almost to the hips, there seems exaggerated? Obviously, these cuts of hair need special care and dedication. Finally, we recommend the sliding cut, suitable for all lengths and in perfect harmony with the fashion for next season.
For more of style about the fashion cuts hair short , medium , long for the autumn - winter 2015 - 16 , we invite you - if you wish and you deem it appropriate - to click the button 'Follow' top left just above the title of this online news and next to the name and surname of the author of this new article. The autumn winter 2015-2016 is crucial for a glimpse of the new trends for haircuts .Each length will force a change that will not go unnoticed. There is a clear return to the origins minimal, simple hairstyles and cuts harmonious and clean. On short hair, for example, styling triumph very short, linear, and androgynous, half the lengths we will see many asymmetries, scaling, while the long cuts will be imposed in order to read, and fringes court. With the end of summer and the seasonal change coming, hairstylists are ready to designate the most important trends that will interest the fashion hair.
The cuts hair of winter was inspired by ten trends from which to take inspiration to be trendier from the foliage. The climbing will be decided and impressive, at least according to Versace, suggesting a hairstyle 70s, featuring twin tips, and scaling ultra precise. The styling of this cut is smooth and touches the shoulders. Exclusive news autumn is the fringe, in other words that uneven bangs and straight that you can do at home; is practical and goes well with numerous cuts. Wet effect on chignon is the proposal of Horses, a harvest almost sporty playing with sleek style and mixes the elegance of the chignon. The braid wrapped on her head revisited with two soft braids on the sides; this hairstyle is very original, a bit 'as the two chignon invented, combining the sophistication of the bun to the versatility.
Autumn 2015 will be particularly careful to pay attention on styles and hairstyles that combine simplicity and class. Just look at the hair strands with illuminates the face: from a ponytail, are made of colored filature rear and sides. Among the trends for autumn cuts hair, there is also the bold bangs, the tail geometric and the dressage. The first play of overlapping strands, while the second is inspired by the equestrian world and is realized with the help of a wide, flat ribbon.
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