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    A protest against censorship
We are Free
Protest Poster
We are Free... 
this is a poster i create in protest of all the SOPA, PIPA and websites shut downs that have been arond this late days. I support the intellectual property, hell no one want to be ripped off or anything, yet there is a veryyyyyy fine line in this subject wich is eventually crossed when big ass corps simply want MORE money and want to OWN the internet in a way.

How many times haven´t u seen "this content is not avalible for your region", are they borders in internet like they are borders between countries? do i need a visa? who owns the web?
i'm gonna goddamn gonna tell u ALL OF US!!

WE upload information of every kind, Knowledge.
WE make music stars out of NOWHERE with a video with millions of views
WE support the media when is worth it! 
Who doesnt want to buy an album of your favorite artist or a kick ass movie, Itune's have proven that when doing things right it works!! i want my fav film on blu ray cause i appreciate that, a GOOD MOVIE!
Then they complain of 500 million dollars or whatever takin' for a FACT that all that people that watched that movie would have PAID a theatre ticket while the truth is tha A LOT of people watched it because it was FREE!!!!!!. 
Hell would u watch Lord of the rings on your laptop with crappy resolution and lag? NO u go to the theatre! cause its worth it, meaning DO BETTER MOVIES!!!!!! HAVE BETTER ARTIST that make worth of our money!

Again i support the intellectual property but if laws are impossed with the final goal of MONEY, then very soon they will choose what we see, what we read (if they do already) like the press and media in a dictatorship!