All along the flight you just have one visual impression, the impression that is given to you from the airlines, which gives your flight a good or a bad start
Outline is an international airlines that has its own airports around the world.
It's about making a new view, and turning the page of airlines to a new one.
Outline is the line that can take your flight to a new level of flying.
The gradient in the logo with the white background gives the logo the ability to own any object that it's on, and fly out of it to present the power of the brand and show a new level of airlines.
every element in outline shows the ability to provide a new vision of flying by using the visual concept of page turning in the edge of these elements, which also expresses the sense of raising in the air associated with the flying mechanism.
Outline aniamted logo
Animation, idea, and design by Amer al issa
Duration: 6 sec.
Tools: After effects cc.
Animation, idea, and design by Amer al issa
Duration: 1:12 min.
Tools: Tvpaint 10, Flash cc, After effects cc.
Self production
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