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    A look at some of the work that went into creating and promoting FATdrop 5.0.

UI/UX design for the FATdrop 5.0 Cues platform which allows record labels and PR companies to share information about upcoming releases with influential professionals and music fans.

Work through wire frame, mock up, refinement and testing stages to solve the many design, UI and UX issues that this project spawned.

Just prior to my arrival FATdrop had commissioned a new brand and web design and so all future work needed to be in keeping with this new dark theme and branding with functionality at the forefront.​​​​​​​


I was then asked to create a scene by scene storyboard, visually communicating the key concepts of the FATdrop 5.0 product for use in a promotional video.

Working from a script I identified the key phrases I wanted to communicate visually and outlined how they should be animated. I then passed these images on to the motion designer to bring everything together in a final video.