and become the next legend of illusion

Trickerion — Legends of Illusion is a competitive strategy game set in a fictional city inspired by the late 19th century
urban life and culture. Players take on the role of rival stage illusionists, striving to become the city’s most celebrated Magician.
There is much more at stake than prestige alone. By becoming the audience’s favorite, the best Magician wins
the contest for the mighty Trickerion Stone, a mysterious relic that grants supernatural powers to its owner,
making him a true Legend of Illusion.
In a contest for fame and prestige, masters of four different fields of magic face off against each other. Which one of them will prevail, and win the mighty Trickerion Stone? It’s only up to you!
Behind every great magician there is a team of helpers:  a gorgeous Assistant, a cunning Manager, a resourceful Engineer and some diligent Apprentices.
4330 awesome Kickstarter backers, who helped us make Trickerion a reality,
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