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As a freelance, product design for SENSEIT
Self-service BookReturning Machine
(RFID Field) Self-service Library Solution
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As a freelance, corporate with SENSEIT(2009-2010).
From design research to Industrial& Mechanical design to mass production. 
I have designed a series of self-service library solution products(including the following two products). 
The self-service book returning machine takes the industrial control host machine as a core, the book reader, the magnet charger, the book delivery machine and the like are integrated into one body, thereby solving the problem that the traditional working mode has low efficiency and achieving the purpose of self-service book returning at any time; in addition, crowds can be shunted, the self-service book returning machine can work at different time intervals without queuing up, special working occasion and working personnel, so as to conveniently and rapidly lead the user to return the book.
The 24-hours book returning machince is like an ATM, I guess u got it!