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Three months research..
Saul Bass: Thetimelessness and the commercialism in his movie projects. How they areachieved and what they teach us?
In1996, Saul Bass said: “I want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares”. In July 2011, Iread this quote on the web. I was fascinated! Saul Bass was a graphicdesigner who worked for movies and created some of the most stunning artworksfor film campaigns and film sequences. He instantly became mynew idol, my personal hero, and my research topic. The reason why I choseto examine cinema was my love for this kind of art; the reason why I becamemore involved with Saul Bass was because he made cinema more beautiful.
Myresearch is about timelessness and commercialism of his works. I have selectedfour important directors, with whom he collaborated, and some of their films,whose campaigns were designed by Saul Bass. Twenty one film campaigns of fourdirectors (Otto Preminger, Billy Wilder, Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese)are analyzed into my research, based on the psychology of colour, the theory ofgraphic design and the theory of aesthetics, willing to confirm that they servethe purpose of their creation. Through the method of analysis, I attempt toprove the timeless value, the commercial spirit and the beauty of his filmprojects.
Mypaper is divided in three important parts. The first part includes the prologueand the introduction to the main topic, which gives the reader some importantinformation about Saul Bass, his work and the history of film campaigns, ingeneral. The second part is divided in four chapters. Each chapter covers oneof the four, mentioned above, directors and their movies. All chapters lead topart three, the final part of the research, which includes the conclusions I’vereached and the epilogue. The last pages of this paper include an annex, aglossary of terms, the books I read, the sites I visited and the films Iwatched to support my research and my conclusions.
Thisresearch has been of great importance to me, since I gained skills on how tothink and act about a campaign and manage to make it last for long. Thus, Idecided to apply the knowledge I got to my thesis. I hope that thisdissertation would be useful to my new colleagues, since there is no sufficientliterature in Greek concerning Saul Bass.
Thanks for passing by..

Research-Design: Maria Mylona
School: AKTO