Brevia (Typefamily)
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Brevia™ A Soft Sans Serif Family.
Typedesigner Hannes von Döhren created Brevia, a soft sans serif typefamily consisting of seven weights plus matching italics. The fontshave a hint of a brushed feeling and come across casual and friendly.Nevertheless Brevia’s architecture is straight, making it perfect forlonger texts. Because of its big x-height, it also performs nicely invery small sizes. Brevia’s heavier weights are slightly more curved andhave an eye-catching appearance. They unfold their strength especiallyin bigger sizes.

This contemporary type family is intended to be usedin applications like: Cosmetics, Service, Food and Advertising -basically everywhere where a pleasant feeling should be conveyed.
Brevia is equipped for highly professional use.

The OpenType fonts have an extended character set to support Centraland Eastern European as well as Western European languages. Each fontincludes small caps, fractions, old style-, lining-, tabular numbers,scientific superior/inferior figures and a set of arrows.
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