Acrylic, papier mache, wire 
22.86 cm x 53.34 cm
"Mystery Wall" 
14.732 cm x 30.48 cm
"Five Man Army" 
Oil, spray paint, wood 
"Alluding to a Sculptural Future" 
Metal, Nails, Plaster, Wood
Dimensions unknown
"Oh My God This is So Ephemeral, Just Like Me and You, Just Like Me and You, Just Like Me and You" 
5 units of rubber latex, acrylic, foam, hot glue, nails, wire
121.92 cm x 111.76 cm x 17.78 cm
"However, We May Just Be Molotov Cocktails Fading into a Vacuum...I Think We Are"
 35mm film, cords, foam, plastic tubing, strap, steel, telephones, wood
266.7 cm x 99.06 cm x 198.12 cm x 398.78 cm x 33.02 cm
"Some Sort of Longevity"
Wax, wire
198.12 cm x 25.4 cm x 27.94 cm