The Drano Hairy Family

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  • The Drano 'Hairy Family.'
    This project, shot back in 2007, has become a lasting example of a great creative collaboration. Creative director Todd Durston's original idea was to produce a conceptual ad that had no copy on it at all; just a photo and a logo. The entire gag had to work without any explanation at all.

    And that's how the idea of the 'Hairy Family' was born. Todd and photographer James Bareham set about finding ways to make the photograph to look as authentic as possible—typical of so many family portraits taken in malls across America.

    The casting was a challenge because James didn’t want typical models. Using Craigslist, he found a genuine ‘Hairy Family’: Mom, Dad, two daughters and a nephew. They were perfect, they had LOTS of hair.

    The styling brief was “80’s and ugly”; the background was purchased from a genuine supplier of main street portrait studios; the photo frame was chosen on the grounds that everyone hated it. As for hair styling, the brief was “big, and lot’s of it”. The make-up just had to clash with everything.

    Though the ad never ran—it was never intended to. The entire production was just an excuse to see whether a funny picture could tell the entire joke on it's own. We think it worked
    Creative Direction: Todd Durston
    Photographer: James Bareham
    Hair & Make-up: Spring Super
    Retouching: The New Cruelty
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