Medicine, shower, eat, sleep, repeat. A daughter races to tend to her elderly mother’s daily needs. 
Until one day when she cannot take it anymore and refuses to attend to her mother, the racetrack breaks...


Race is a 2D animation inspired by my personal experience of seeing my mother taking care of my grandmother. I hope that my film can remind people that love and care is a never ending loop. I also hope that through the perspective of a caretaker, people can realise through it that it is normal to find yourself frustrated in a situation even when dealing with your loved ones. The main thing is what you do after that frustration, will you give up or will you make the best out of a bad situation?


My graduation film at Kingston University 2016.
Music by Richard Lacy, Sarah Elizabeth Lacy, David Bird and Joseph Lacy.


Race track design

The track design is inspired by a Mobius strip as a motivation for the everyday life repetition. It is also designed to be the mother herself while her daughter (the caretaker) runs on it, helping her with her daily needs such as eating, walking, shower and etc. 

Daughter character design


The animation is animated in Photoshop, composited in After effect and Premiere Pro. Some trickier design of the race track is pre-visualized in Cinema4D and real life references was also used during the animating progress.


Originally there is a voice over but it was taken out at the end. The subtitle turns out to be more powerful because it keeps the experience universal. Viewers can interact with the words, especially the word: ‘mother’, because everyone has their own way of calling their mother. ​​​​​​​

Film stills


Many thanks to

Martina Bramkamp 
Stephen Brown 
Geoff Grandfield
Mark Harris 
Marie-Margaux Trakiri Scanatovits 
Chris Shepherd

Additional colouring in
Lucy Key
Lynn Yun 
Yu Ying Chen

Additional sound design
Jonathan Zheng

Kingston University Moving Image department
Souli Spiropoulou 
Phil Hollins 
Dave Hallett 
Vron Harris



Race is a 2D animation about a daughter taking care of her elderly mother.